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Smart CJ information
Name: Smart CJ
Since: 1999 year
Sites using: 3477 sites
Pricing:from 100$
Do you need smart traffic management? SmartCJ is your choice. SmartCJ is fully automatic but still has a lot of parameters so you can setup it in anyway you want. Just one feature to prove that - trade formula is open source and you can change it in any way you want, while all other scripts hide it somewhere inside.

No more "one fits all"! Our users created custom formula for a new site to grow and another formula for a big site to be stable. Some of them are willing to share it with everybody else so you can try it and decide if it suits you. Of course, you still may use default SmartCJ formula.

Do more features? You are welcome! Offer your feature and we will implement it. SmartCJ has more features then any other script. We released almost 30 updates during last 2 years. And it's almost impossible to count all updates since 2001 when this script was created for our own needs.

Is it fast? Yes, yourfilehost.com uses SmartCJ and this site has more then 7 million hits every day. It is stable and secure. You can leave you signup form open and don't worry about cheaters. SmartCJ automatically checks almost all known blacklists and trade checkers including CJLog. Even if someone else of SmartCJ users has blacklisted one of your traders - script will mark those traders with yellow color so you can pay some attention there.

This script could save your money even from the very beginning thanks to it's price.

What I definitely have to notice is script's support. Email, ICQ and even Wiki, where existing users can add their comments and request features.


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News and events
02.22.10 New CJLog Alert
Try our new BETA unique service! CJLog Alerts
02.21.10 ICQ Bot is down
ICQ Bot no more supported.
02.20.08 ICQ Bot updates!
New funcs. Now bot will show you topics ob adult boards with checked domain. Also two commands are realized: boards [domain] will show snippets and iframes [domain] will show iframes and scripts with description.
02.16.08 CJLog ICQ Bot!
Use power of CJLog in your ICQ. Just add our bot 450-825-540 to your IM and you can check your traders for blacklist status, purity, traffic, niches, illegal scripts much quickly!
02.07.08 CJLog Alerts!
With CJLog Alerts your sites will newer been hacked or go down. CJLog Alerts will inform you about anwanted changes or downtimes.

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