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ACTIVE (added: 11.20.2009, updated: 08.29.2010)
diggiporn (unrated, 1 sites, ~0)
Last effective URL:
video porno gratis
Overall purity ?:
Board tracker:
Trade thumb and text links. Movies.
~106 links on trade, ~41 thumbs on trade
multiniche (Pornstar (21%), Bigcock (17%), Models (6%))
Trade script:
AT Lite
Rotator script:
Smart Thumbs
Java-Scripts, Iframes ?:
Total objects: 11
URL: http://digisesso.info (local script)
Tracks: 27 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://digisesso.info/scripts/BubbleTooltips.js (local script)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://digisesso.info/Contact/js/functionAddEvent. ... (local script)
Tracks: 1 scripts (close source code)
URL: http://digisesso.info/Contact/js/contact.js (local script)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://digisesso.info/Contact/js/xmlHttp.js (local script)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://digisesso.info/digisesso.js (local script)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://adspaces.ero-advertising.com/adspace/28489. ... (script src)
Tracks: 1 objects, 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://ero-advertising.com/ads/notify.php?id=28489 (script src)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://adspaces.ero-advertising.com/adspace/48875. ... (script src)
Tracks: 1 objects, 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://ero-advertising.com/ads/notify.php?id=48875 (script src)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
URL: http://adspaces.ero-advertising.com/adspace/48877. ... (script src)
Tracks: 1 scripts (view source code)
X-activity 1 source codes:
Script at http://digisesso.info/Contact/js/fu ... (local script) (report as good / report as bad)
function addevent(elm, evtype, fn, usecapture) { if (elm.addeventlistener) { elm.addeventlistener(evtype, fn, usecapture); return true; } else if (elm.attachevent) { var r = elm.attachevent('on' + evtype, fn); eventcache.add(elm, evtype, fn); return r; } else { elm['on' + evtype] = fn; } } function geteventsrc(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; if (e.originaltarget) return e.originaltarget; else if (e.srcelement) return e.srcelement; } function addloadevent(func) { var oldonload = window.onload; if (typeof window.onload != 'function') { window.onload = func; } else { window.onload = function() { oldonload(); func(); } } } var eventcache = function(){ var listevents = []; return { listevents : listevents, add : function(node, seventname, fhandler, bcapture){ listevents.push(arguments); }, flush : function(){ var i, item; for(i = listevents.length - 1; i >= 0; i = i - 1){ item = listevents[i]; if(item[0].removeeventlistener){ item[0].removeeventlisten
er(item[1], item[2], item[3]); }; /* from this point on we need the event names to be prefixed with 'on" */ if(item[1].substring(0, 2) != "on"){ item[1] = "on" + item[1]; }; if(item[0].detachevent){ item[0].detachevent(item[1], item[2]); }; item[0][item[1]] = null; }; } }; }(); addevent(window,'unload',eventcache.flush, false);

Domain info:
Created 11.14.2009 (3387 days ago) on www.afilias.info
- Came upon some drawback? Please, help us fix it.
- This site is cheating? Please use comment and rating system below to inform us about it.
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